5 JUNO-Gi Features for Multi-Instrumentalists

The Working Musician’s Auxiliary Keyboard

Being a multi-instrumentalist in a band is like being the quarterback and the kicker of a football team. If one doesn’t show up, there’s an available backup; however, in a perfect world your team members are always healthy, always prepared, and always ready to put on a great performance. But, this isn’t a perfect world and stuff happens, and when “stuff” happens, someone has to pickup the slack. This is when the kicker becomes the quarterback, and in a band, this is when the keyboardist becomes the guitarist. Yes, both require a level of skill and competence in order to carry out their part. In a band, however, you’re also required to have the right gear to make it possible.

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Made for the Multi-Instrumentalist…

The JUNO-Gi was made for these situations; it was made for the multi-instrumentalist. It has a massive sound bank of 1,300 sounds, an onboard eight-track digital recorder, and pro effects created by BOSS. The following five features make the JUNO-Gi the working musician’s auxiliary board.

1. BOSS GT Quality Guitar Effects…

The same pro performance effects found in the BOSS GT series are built into the JUNO-Gi, as well as effects designed for vocal processing. Connect your guitar or microphone directly and apply these effects to your playing or recording.

2. Dedicated Audio Recorder…

The JUNO-Gi has a built-in 8-track audio recorder to create multi-track recordings. You can use the recorder to not only record the JUNO-Gi’s keyboard, but also your guitar performance. There are a total of 64 virtual tracks, so you can record on any eight tracks and select the ones you want for playback. You can even bounce virtual tracks to get a massive, multi-tracked guitar sound inside the JUNO-Gi.

multi-instrumentalist recording on the juno-gi

 3. Plug-in & Jam with Your MP3 Player…

The JUNO-Gi provides audio inputs that enable you to plug in your MP3 player and jam along. You can jam along to your favorite song or play along with a keyboard player, and you both can jam to a recording of your band to learn parts or just have fun playing together.

4. Dedicated Hi-Z Input for Your Guitar…

This enables you to plug-in your guitar and jam along with someone playing the JUNO-Gi. The dedicated guitar input acts as a pre-amp, so someone can play the keyboard while you play the guitar. This is great for two-person gigs, jamming with band mates, or writing tunes with a keyboard player.

5. Center Cancel/Minus-One Function…

If you playback an audio file using the JUNO-Gi’s Song Player, you can mute a specific part of the song and play it yourself. This is a convenient way to learn guitar solos, or even vocals, from your favorite songs.

Playing Guitar Through the JUNO-Gi

The following video demonstrates how the JUNO-Gi is used as a guitar effects processor. If you pay close attention to the effects, you can see how Roland does not compromise quality. Please leave us a comment if you have questions or give it a test drive at your local dealer.


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Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!