Jessica Roemischer – Stories from the Piano

Dear Friends,
This article and the videos you’ll find below,
are the beginning of a dream come true.
I’ll explain why…
One evening, a long time ago,
when I was a little girl…

Jessica Roemischer as a child

I was watching a program on a small black-and-white TV.
(yes, there were such things).

The program featured a pianist and he was performing on a grand piano.
The audience was seated around him.
As he played his music, he told a story.
His melodies and words mingled together.
Everyone was enchanted!

Piano Dream

Watching our little TV, I had an uncanny feeling….
I felt like I was seeing my future.

Fast-forward. I grew up.
I became a pianist…
Here’s something I made up myself…

Toccata in G

I became a storyteller, too.
And I started to play my music and
tell my stories to people…
some very young, some very old,
and many in-between…

Play Video

Music & Memory

Incredibly, I’ve become like the pianist I saw when I was a girl!
And yet…

Only now, my dream is coming true. Why?
Because, dear friends, the world is changing.
You may sense it, too.
We are seeing a future full of challenges…

Foggy city

Something beautiful is emerging in our midst.
Something rich with new possibilities.
Something that’s deeply good

Sunset on the beach

And, I’m realizing…
My performances can happen in a new and wonderful way…
To create hope,
To bring the feeling of goodness…
To  Earth.

Rose Moon Rising

And there’s more…
The truth is,
Each of us has a story.
Each of us has a message.
Each of us has music inside!

And we all live on this beautiful, blue planet that floats
in the velvety darkness of space…

Earth in space

So at this extraordinary time, we can ask,
‘What is the deepest, most authentic part of myself?
What is my unique contribution to the world?
What am I being called to do?’
In asking these questions,
Here’s something that may inspire you…

Music & Our Future – An Inspirational Message

 The truth is…
Our answers are essential!
In whatever we create,
The vibrations of our music, and stories,
and lives
will ripple out…
Each of us, in our uniqueness,
will become like the pianist I saw decades ago.
With a difference…
The audience that’s circling us is vast.
The audience has become the world!
And filled with our music, our stories, and our lives…
The world will become magnificent!

HHorsehead Nebula Kelvin Hennessy

Horsehead Nebula – Kelvin Hennessy

 Thank you, dear friends, for sharing this journey.
With warmest wishes,

Jessica Roemischer

Jessica Roemischer is an award-winning pianist and storyteller, and a visionary. The New York Times calls her piano artistry, “a warmly sensitive approach.” In unique performance events, podcasts and writings, Jessica uplifts the human spirit through the evocative power of word and music. New York-born and raised, she lives in Sydney, Australia. For more about Jessica’s music, visit and for her inspirational podcast.

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