ME-80 Marty’s Mood

Marty Hailey One of Australias busiest guitarists, works with BOSS on the new ME-80 Multi Effects processor, with some amazing results!

Contributed by: Braegen Russell

Balancing roles as a producer, recording engineer and performer with his work as a composer, Marty has written and produced soundtracks for broadcast, independent film and composed for the stage.  One of Australia’s busiest musicians, Marty Hailey is a dedicated professional who plays electric and acoustic guitars, lapsteel and mandolin.

His latest studio projects include producing new albums for iOTA and Candythief (UK).  Marty has produced and engineered a diverse range of commercial and independent music for artists such as David Campbell, Jimmy Somerville, Diesel, Jimmy Little, Bobby Fox, Trevor Ashley and Penny and The Mystics.

Marty played guitar and lap-steel on the soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann’s film ‘Australia’ and has worked with fellow film and TV composers Stephen Rae, Angela Little and Caitlin Yeo as well as composing for Channel 7 and Channel 10 and documentary films ‘I Am Eora’ and ‘Renewing Women’s Business’.  He has been a regular music producer/performer for the popular show ‘Good News Week TV’ and was in the house bands for ‘The Sideshow’ on ABC TV and ‘The Singing Office’ for FOX and as a guitarist on Australian Idol.

We invited Marty to create some really cool and different patches for BOSS which can be found on our newly release website ‘BOSS TONE CENTRAL’. Marty worked with the ME-80 the latest Multi Effects Processor, and came up with some incredible results.

To check out the video of the session, hear the patches in context, and to freely download Marty’s patches for your own ME-80, head to

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Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!