Roland CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp

A Powerful & Versatile PA for Mobile Musicians

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CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp

The CUBE Street has been a mainstay among street musicians and traveling performers since its release, offering great sound in a highly mobile, battery-powered amp. Now, Roland kicks up the performance big time with the impressive new CUBE Street EX, delivering more of everything for the needs of on-the-go gigging musicians, including more power, more channels, and more versatility.

CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp

High-Quality Sound with Battery Power

CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp on Stand

CUBE Street EX mounted on the optional ST-A95 Speaker Stand.

Compact and easy to carry, the CUBE Street EX is a powerhouse mobile PA for street gigs and small venues, and it also excels as a personal monitor for performing on large stages. It features 50 big watts of stereo power, two eight-inch woofers, and two tweeters, providing outstanding sound in a very small package. Equipped with newly developed tech by Roland, the CUBE Street EX delivers superior performance from eight AA batteries, with clean headroom and punchy sound that easily outperforms other battery-powered amps.

The CUBE Street EX can be used with either alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries. Output power is adjustable in three levels—Max (50 W), Normal (25 W), and Eco (10 W)—letting you optimize battery life for different performing situations. The amp can also be powered with the included AC adapter.

The amp features an ABS injection-molded body that provides both high durability and low weight (under 17 pounds). A mounting hole allows the amp to mounted on an optional ST-A95 Speaker Stand. Via the Stereo Link function, two CUBE Street EX units can be used together to create an expanded PA with up to eight simultaneous channels, ideal for performing with bigger groups and/or for larger crowds.

CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp Battery Case

The CUBE Street EX’s battery case is removable for easy battery replacement.

Onboard Mixer to Support a Variety of Mics & Instruments

With four independent channels, the versatile CUBE Street EX supports any kind of performing setup. The Mic/Instrument and Mic/Guitar channels are equipped with XLR/TRS combo jacks, letting you connect mics or various instruments. Each of these channels has its own three-band EQ and reverb effect, providing a lot of control for dialing in the sound. There’s also a Line In channel that allows you to connect mono or stereo devices, and an Audio In channel with a stereo 1/8-inch jack that supports Roland’s i-CUBE LINK for iOS devices.

CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp Mixer Section

The CUBE Street EX’s mixer provides connections for a wide range of devices.

Plug-and-Play Tones for Guitarists

If you’re a guitar player, you’ll love the CUBE Street EX—you can plug in and get great sounds without having to haul around extra gear. Onboard COSM tones for electric guitar include Lead, Crunch, and Clean, and there’s also an Acoustic Simulator for getting acoustic tones from an electric axe. And with the AC preamp, acoustic/electric guitarists can enjoy ready-to-go tones as well. Chorus/delay and reverb are on hand for sweetening the sound, and these effects can be turned on/off with optional foot switches. There’s even a built-in tuner, and the sound output is automatically muted while tuning.

Connect Your iPhone or iPad via i-CUBE LINK

CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp i-CUBE LINK

The Audio In channel on the CUBE Street EX supports both i-CUBE LINK and standard stereo devices.

The CUBE Street EX features Roland’s i-CUBE LINK, which makes it easy to use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the amp. The included cable provides two-way communication via your device’s headphone jack, allowing you to play backing music and record the amp’s sound output into a recording app.

Roland’s free CUBE JAM app works great with i-CUBE LINK, providing song playback from your iTunes library and an easy-to-use recording feature. CUBE JAM also offers some cool functions for performing and practicing, such as independent pitch/speed adjustment and Center Cancel for minus-one playing and karaoke.

CB-CS2 Carrying Bag for CUBE Street EX Battery-Powered Amp

The optional CB-CS2 Carrying Bag is made with waterproof material, and opens so the CUBE Street EX can be used without being removed from the bag.

CUBE Street EX
High-Quality Sound for Performers On the Go.
CUBE Street
The Ultimate Amp for Traveling Musicians.
Speaker Stand.

Carrying Case for CUBE Street EX.


Aux. In PP
i-CUBE Link xP
 Dedicated Vol.xP
SpeakersWoofer16cm (6.5inches) x 220cm (8 Inches) x 2
 Tweeterx5cm (2 Inches) x 2
Power (watts) 5W (rated)50w
Built-in BOSS effectsReverbPP
Built in Tuner PP
Hands free switching PP
3 Band Eq PP
 Mic/Line Ch.xP
 Guitar/Inst. Ch.PP
Foot Switchable Channels22
Footwswitchable Effects EFXReverb
Stereo Link xP
AC Adaptor PP
Battery Powered 6 X AA Batteries8 X AA Batteries
 Battery Life/Mute P
 Reserve power options P
Battery Life in Mode:MAX15 hrs5hrs at 50w
 NORMx10hrs at 25w
 ECOx20hrs at 10w
(Dedcated COSM Gain) Px
  Acoustic SimA-Guitar
  JC CleanAcoustic Sim
  Black PanelClean
  Brit ComboCrunch
weight 5.2kg7.4kg

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