Pro Tutorial – Heidi Joubert Demos the EC-10 ELCajon

EC-10 Heidi Joubert

Roland’s EC-10 ELCajon enhances the acoustic cajon sound with layered electronic sounds. Professional percussionist Heidi Joubert shows you how to unlock its full potential

When Roland launched the new EC-10 ELCajon at the 2016 NAMM Show, we asked top percussionist Heidi Joubert to show the crowds exactly what this percussion game-changer was capable of. For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to spend January in sunny California though, we also shot these four video demos, in which Heidi puts the Roland EC-10 ELCajon through a pro road-test.

Contributed by Roland UK

First off, you’ll discover just how practical the Roland EC-10 ELCajon is for musicians on the move, whether it’s delivering punchy acoustic projection from that compact sapele cabinet, or powering street jams with the battery-powered amplifier and speaker.

Next up, Heidi shows you the best sweet-spots to trigger the EC-10 ELCajon’s dedicated head and edge sensors, plus techniques for slaps, low hits, head touch hits, edge high hits, and more.

Finally, Heidi drills into the features that is making ELCajon the most talked-about percussion product of the year. As well as traditional acoustic cajon sounds, this hybrid instrument supports musicians from every genre with its 30 onboard digital sounds. The layering option lets you play with the acoustic and electronic sound at the same time.

With Heidi showcasing onboard simulations of percussion instruments including tambourine and sagat, then exploring settings from the atmospheric ‘Ambient’ to the electronic beats of ‘Hybrid 808’, you’ll be inspired to try the EC-10 ELCajon for yourself – and start thinking outside the box.

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