The Twenty-Eight for 28 Challenge

Making Meditation Mainstream

Making Meditation Mainstream & Lifeline

28 for Twenty-Eight is a Mental Health Month initiative in October 2020, encouraging Australians to take ten minutes to meditate each day, for 28 consecutive days.

In 2020, mental health has become a growing issue for people across our community. Lifeline has reported a 30% increase in support calls and they desperately need help with funds and grassroot projects like ‘Twenty-eight for 28’, to gain awareness and to keep their vital service going.

It costs Lifeline $28 to answer a call to someone in need. By taking on this challenge, participants will pledge $28 to support Lifeline, and in turn, themselves gain the benefit of 28 days of consecutive meditation.

The founder of Making Meditation Mainstream (MMM), Jason Partington explains the event and how it promises to help everyone involved:

Making Meditation Mainstream (MMM) is a global meditation movement created in response to escalating suicide rates and mental health challenges experienced in our communities.

To get involved, please visit Making Meditation Mainstream and join the challenge today.

Here is the link to register

Roland Australia are proud to support this great initiative by the team at MMM and Lifeline with audio, video and technical support. Maintaining mental health is a community responsibility and, as such, we hope that people participate in this program and help continue the valuable work done by Lifeline.

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