Audiophiles! This Is Why The Mobile UA Is For You

Anyone obsessed with music always wants the best speakers, headphones, hi-fi. Your audio interface is no exception! So much time is taken (and sometimes money spent!) in finding the best audio interface. But how much time do you take researching the playback quality of your audio interface?

Well, what is the Mobile UA Audio Interface? This video explains what you need to know…

Contributed by Christian Moraga for the Roland Australia Blog


The Mobile UA Output Audio Interface is definitely one for audio fanatics that expect nothing but the best quality. It has been designed to focus purely on outputting ultra-high resolution audio. Here are ten uses an audiophile might have for the Mobile UA.

1. You are fussy about sound quality

The Mobile UA features a 1-bit DAC for audiophile quality.

2. You love listening to your favourite music in high resolution

Listen to spectacular sounding audio up to 352khz, 32bit audio or DSD64 with a sample rate of 5.8Mhz.

That’s 128 times that of a 44.1khz audio CD!

The Mobile UA even improves existing PCM audio by clever up-scaling which enhances dynamic range/signal to noise and frequency response.

3. You’re a musician and need a louder headphone amplifier for your tracks on stage   

The Mobile UA’s two 158mW headphone amplifiers are the loudest of any USB audio interface on the market.

4. You do a lot of critical editing, mixing and mastering through headphones on the go and don’t want to sacrifice quality for portability

With its incredibly low noise floor and super clean headphone amplifiers, you’ll never want to listen to your laptop’s standard audio output again.

5. You are a drummer and need separate click and backing tracks on stage

The two compact stereo jack out puts can be freely assigned in your music software for four outputs with enough output level to be heard above an acoustic drum kit.

6. You DJ and need two pairs of stereo outputs from your laptop to go into your mixer

The Mobile UA will function like a pair of decks giving you the best possible sound for your set.

7. You heard about the quality of Super Audio CD’s but could never afford a system

Playback native DSD files using freely available player software and experience just how incredible recorded music can sound.

8. You use your laptop on stage and want the best possible sound quality out of it

Laptop and desktop computers feature basic audio outputs with limited playback resolution and are not designed for critical listening or high quality music production.

9. You can hear hiss or computer earth hum and need to make it go away

The power supply in a typical computer generates electrical interference which messes up your audio quality and introduces unwanted noise. The Mobile UA solves this issue instantly by delivering pure, isolated audio separated from your computer’s power supply for sparkling clean sound.

10. You already know how amazing DSD audio sounds and want an affordable playback device

Many record labels and audio purists are willing to spend thousands on a simple stereo playback device just for pure listening enjoyment but with the Mobile UA you can save your money and still experience what excites an audiophile.


Which Audio Interface Is Right For You?


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