How To Use Effects With The Roland TD-27 V-Drums

TD-27 Guide

Here we explore how to use effects with the TD-27.

Effects used on drum sounds are great for bringing new life and impact to familiar tones.

Reverb, modulation, distortion and extreme EQ effects give the player the chance to radically alter the nature of a song that they’re playing. 

As a result, effects effectively put the listener in a totally unique environment.


Famous and memorable drum sounds with effects include The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows (echo), The Police Walking On The Moon (delay), Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir (phaser) and Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight (gated room reverb sound).

Creating Impact With Effects


All of these famous effects can be easily recreated in the TD-27 with very little time and information.

Aside from the fact that creating kit effects can be a lot of fun, the process also teaches you and gives you a new found appreciation for the artist and the ‘art’ behind the music.

The Roland TD-27 features a room simulator, a studio quality reverb generator and three multi-effects units for achieving almost any effect imaginable

For enhanced impact, each trigger of the TD-27 has its own individual ‘Pad Effect’.

To make a lively and more exciting performance, pad effects are adjustable in real time while playing. 

This includes compression for manipulating dynamics or EQ for adjusting the frequency balance of each individual drum sound.

TD-27 Drum Room Simulation


To put the kit into a virtual space from small to huge, use the built-in TD-27 room simulator.

Many features are adjustable including size, shape, wall materials and microphone height. 

By adjusting the microphone width, you can even change the image of the kit from mono to wide stereo.

Creating Extreme Effects


There are great time-based multi-effects in the TD-27. These include flangers, phasers, delays, reverbs and enhancers.

Each sound of the kit can be “sent” to these for enhancing or dramatically changing the overall kit sound.

Any sound in a TD-27 kit patch can be ‘assigned’ to one of three MFX units. This is done by simply changing the ‘ASSIGN’ value.

These possibilities allow you to put reverb to your cymbals and toms. You can then add a different effect such as a saturator to beef up your kick and perhaps overdrive on the snare for more aggression.


The following video show the possibilities with the TD-27 which operates just like the TD-50.

Also be sure to see the Creating Kits Guide for the TD-27 for how to apply effects for custom kit patches.

Contributed by Simon Ayton for Roland Corporation Australia

Button Presses & Values:
[MIXER] | [PAGE DOWN x 3] | [F1] (MFX) | [R1] (MFX SEL) | [F2] (ASSIGN) | [F3] (SEND)
+/- or data wheel to choose sound.
Try: Delay.

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TD-27 Patch
Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-27 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!


Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!