Incorporating a Piano into Your Home’s Interior. Will Balance, Harmony and the Unity of the Space Be Lost?

LX700 Series Digital PIano

If you have young children at school, they most probably will have learnt to play the recorder.  What’s wrong with the recorder? It’s small, inexpensive and, of course, it doesn’t sound that bad does it? Whilst it’s easy to dish out a little hate on recorders, they do serve a very good purpose. They are a great introduction to playing a musical instrument and this can often lead to a desire to play other instruments.

The piano just happens to be one of the most popular instruments to learn these days and for good reason. Generally, children and also adults will progress quite quickly as there is no need to “create” the sound, unlike say on a violin. The keys are all there for you and will create the sound. You just need to learn to read the notes, and the fingering (which fingers go where) and away you go!

Contributed by Rudi Zarka for Roland Corporation Australia

The Modern Digital Piano - Aesthetically 'Sound'

There is also so much available these days in terms of quality modern technology. Digital pianos have mostly become the norm in the home due to the quality and authenticity of their sound and touch.

If you have worked hard to create a comfortable, stylish and harmonious interior space in your home, the last thing you want to do is upset that balance with an aesthetically unsuitable piano.

Musical instrument manufacturers have been making excellent digital pianos for a while now but there aren’t too many that tick all the boxes when it comes to design aesthetics.

If you spend time looking at design magazines and websites, or you work in the design industry, then you might just find what you are looking for in the Roland LX-700 series of digital pianos.

The cool and rather unique thing about the LX-700 series of pianos from Roland, is that Roland contracted renowned European design agency GBO to take care of the design process for the look and style of the piano.

The Evolution of an Instrument

The brief was to create an attractive and beautiful design that embodied the soul of a traditional piano but with a more modern edge. The idea was for the look of the piano to also invite you to want to play it. Of course, Roland provided all the latest digital piano technology with exquisite sound and playability, along with app connectivity for enhanced learning.

The end result is a piano that totally satisfies all your musical and pianistic needs. It also portrays a strong presence in your living space without crying out for attention. The balance, harmony and unity of your interior can be retained. There are also 3 models in the range, of differing sizes allowing you to choose according to your space.

This marriage of excellent aesthetic design and high-end digital piano technology has also resulted in Roland receiving the highly prestigious Red dot award for the LX-700 series in 2019.

Other notable winners in 2019 were:

Maurice Lacroix for the famous skeleton Aikon:

Ferrari for their 488 Pista sports car

Song Chinese cuisine

Roland was also a 2017 winner with the FP-90 digital piano.

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