Why the Roland HP700 Series is the Right Choice for Your Child

hp700 series digital piano

My Journey with the Piano

If you have always aspired to your children developing a love of the piano, and you want to make sure that you can facilitate that, then you may want to keep reading. 

Having played piano all my life and having always been supported by my mother helped me a lot. I progressed with my playing in leaps and strides. Piano and music became an integral part of my life which to this day I have seriously benefited from. performed in Eisteddfods and piano concerts in my earlier years and later playing in jazz and pop bandsUltimately it resulted in me developing a career in the music industry.  

How did I get to this stage? The combination of a good teacher that I enjoyed learning from, a good instrument, and a supportive parent were the main reasons I progressed and developed such a love for playing.  

Contributed by Rudi Zarka for Roland Corporation Australia

The Piano

Forty years ago, when I first began learning, acoustic pianos were really the only choice for serious learners as “electric pianos” at the time were not anything remotely like what we have in digital piano technology today. The entry cost for an acoustic piano at the time was very high and still is today for a good quality instrument. 

We had a good quality piano at home when I was learning, but all hopes of me becoming proficient and developing a love of the piano were pinned on my teacher, myself, and the consistent support and encouragement from my mother.  

Children and Diversity

All children are different, some will take to the piano and get motivated in their lessons and playing with great ease, requiring nothing other than a good quality instrument and a little encouragement on your part. Some kids will require a little more to get them enthused, and may just need a little more scope, or extra-curricular activities incorporated into their learning journey. That way they too can make playing piano “their thing”  

Although I took to piano well, I can only dream of what I might have been able to do, and the ways I could have assisted my learning with today’s technology 

girl playing piano

Irrespective of the way your child will develop on the piano, if you want them to really get engaged and passionate about it, today more than ever before, the type of piano you buy will be integral to their success. 

Today we are so fortunate to have available amazing quality digital pianos that can inspire young minds to hone their skills and develop a love of playing piano. 

If I had a HP700 Series Piano When I Was Learning

I would have loved a HP700 series piano years agoit would have made learning new pieces so much easier! I would have read the left-hand part, played it and recorded it into the piano with the metronome. I would then have played it back whilst playing the right-hand part along with it. Presto! I would have known what the piece sounded like with both hands together before having to play it with both hands. 
mum and daughter playing piano together

Digital Piano Choices

Although superb starter pianos such as the Roland FP-10 and RP-102 are great to learn on, you should look at why stepping up a category or two is so beneficial to your budding pianist’s learning journey, and to developing their love of the piano.  

If you want an instrument that won’t break the bank but will still be inspiring your children years down the track, then you will do well by investing in one of the Roland HP700 Series pianos. 

Key Features of the HP-700 Series

From the stunning cabinet design, to the amazing and true to life Supernatural Modelling, The HP-700 series will satisfy even the most demanding pianists for years to come. 

Supernatural Modelling is ground-breaking technology that is unique to Roland. It provides the most authentic piano sound possible. Instead of just sampling or recording aacoustic piano like other manufacturers do, Roland engineers chose to build a virtual concert grand inside the HP-700 series pianos. By re-creating every element in a real concert grand in real time, they were able to make the sound behave just like the real thing! The more you play it the more you realise just how good it is.

HP700 Series Keys

To complement the incredible pianistic behaviour of these pianos also requires an excellent keyboard action. The PHA-4 on the HP702 and the PHA-50 on the HP704  both feel natural and incredibly expressive to play. With super-fast repetition and extremely durable inner frames, these actions will provide years of maintenance free service. 


Bluetooth Technology

HP700 Series Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection allows integration with the awesome Piano Everyday app which is a free download for iOS or Android devices. Players can stay engaged with a built-in practise diary, backing rhythms for jamming, full remote control of the piano’s functions, and access to Sheet Music Direct, the world’s largest online sheet music store, all right in the app. You can even stream audio directly from your device to the awesome speaker systems in the HP700 series. 

Piano Everyday 

HP700 Series in Your Home

HP700 Series Family
As you can see, Roland’s digital piano technology is amazing, but aesthetics and style are never forgotten. A wholistic approach is always taken by the Roland design team. A marriage of stunning cabinet designthat complement today’s interiors and superb piano technology.  In fact, Roland’s range topping pianos, the LX700 series won the prestigious European red dot award in 2019 for their design. 
HP700 Series Digital Piano

Reassurance in your investment is catered to by a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty in Australia. There is also a stunning adjustable piano bench provided so the correct seating height can be obtained for different ages.  

Sogetting back to the children and their diverse natures. With a HP700 series piano in youhome, the self-sufficient learner will have a piano that caters to all their pianistic needs as they progress. And for the learner that needs some extra assistance and some variety to also achieve their goals, they too will be catered for as they progress. 

Perhaps a Roland HP700 series should be your family’s new piano? 

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