Expanding the Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

expanding the SPD-SX

The nine front pads on the SPD-SX make it easy to instantly trigger sounds. Expansion wise, there are several external trigger inputs ready to use too.

The rear panel of the SPD-SX includes a dual foot-switch input along with two dual input triggers.

Connect the SPD-SX to your acoustic kick and snare using RT series acoustic triggers to layer sounds or add an additional bar trigger or pad.

See the possibilities for adding triggers and pads to the SPD-SX in this guide here.

The SPD-SX can form the central triggering hub for a stand-alone electronic drum trigger kit with a huge range of V-Drums triggers available for use.

All of these triggers and foot switches can be split allowing individual switching and trigger zones for a total of six external trigger zones.

For more ideas on expanding your SPD-SX with MIDI foot control, see this quick guide here and the links below

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Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!