HandSonic HPD-20 in “Neon Lights” Video

When the HandSonic HPD-20 Percussion Pad was launched, it didn’t take long before music makers were all over it. But it’s not just drummers and percussionists that have been quick to recognise it attributes; DJ’s have realised the HPD-20’s talents too, by loading in their own sounds. In this unique video, DJ Pro-Zeiko shows his mastery of the HandSonic while inspiring ‘live’ art.

Contributed by Roland UK Team

It took three days and nights and crate after crate of energy drinks before this video was in the bag. It’s a first of its kind; a music meets art video, featuring Roland artist DJ Pro-Zeiko and the artist Jan-Malte Strijek. It’s through their combined creativity and passion that the “Neon Lights” video was conceived.

DJ Pro-Zeiko is a three-time DJ World Champion and has dominated his Roland RC-505 desktop Looper and HPD-20 percussion pad like no other. Graffiti and airbrush artist Jan-Malte Strijek is an outstanding artist and active in the design of buildings and facades all over the world. Jan explains the synergy that exists between music and art in this unique video. “To let yourself be inspired to create a picture of music made me curious. So I agreed to this video experiment immediately. It was a great experience that has led me to pursue new approaches to design”.

You can see there the full length “Neon Light” video below:

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