Learn Dance Beats with V-Drums Artist Paul Kodish

Ever wanted to play dance beats? Here’s your chance to learn from the best, via a new course from Producertech.

This brand new course from Producertech teaches you how to play killer beats for a number of dance music styles, including drum and bass, dubstep, hip hop, house and breakbeat. Led by V-Drums artist Paul Kodish, a professional drummer with more than 25 years of experience playing for headline bands like Pendulum, DJ Fresh and Apollo 440, the lessons cover the full spectrum, from starting out to advanced techniques and jamming.

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The course promises:

► Online dance music drumming course by Paul Kodish (Pendulum/DJ Fresh/Apollo 440)

► 43 lessons covering every stage: from starting out with the kit right through to advanced techniques

► Accompanying course materials include the beats and samples from the course for DAW software

► All course materials also provided as looped audio files for people without music software

► Packed with professional advice, tips and tricks

Via a series of streamed movie lessons, Kodish shows you how classic beats are played using his Roland Hybrid drum kit. The course comes with a series of downloadable packs, containing readymade sessions for music software, drum loops and backing tracks in a variety of formats and a load of additional Loopmasters samples to play along to.

The course begins by nailing the basics before moving onto exercises for different rhythms and timing. Every example details how to use various beats and fills. Then comes the meat of the course; a series of lessons dedicated to perfecting four of the main dance music styles, each one teaching a different drum beat with several variations.

Students using DAW software can download the tracks and replay Kodish’s beats as audio or MIDI tracks, helping with the learning process. Additionally, the samples are provided as looped audio files too, so those with no music software have something to play along to as well. As with their other courses, Producertech are going the extra mile to ensure students are well supported and Kodish will be available on the forum to answer your questions.

So to recap: you get lessons from one of dance music’s most prolific drummers, substantial download materials to help dissect and study the DNA of modern dance music styles, the option of asking Paul questions, all accessible 24/7 from wherever you are in the world, for a great price. This new course is the ideal option for anyone wanting to learn how to play slamming dance music beats.

Full details of the course can be found by visiting http://www.music-courses.com/product.asp?P_ID=221

Sample Module 1 – Advanced Exercises

Sample Module 2 – Drum and Bass Beat 2

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