What is Roland Pure Acoustic Modelling Technology?

LX Series Pure Acoustic Modelling Technology

Roland’s Pure acoustic modelling is found in the award winning LX700 series of pianos. 

There are different technologies used by manufacturers in digital pianos today. Roland has always tried to provide the most expressive and natural sound possible to the player. Through thorough research and development, Roland created Supernatural” technology, which is used in our FPRP & F series digital pianos. 

Contributed by Rudi Zarka for Roland Corporation Australia

Common industry practice with digital pianos is to use sampling technology or a recording of each note of a piano. There are many variables at play here, how long each note is recorded for, at how many different volume levels. Many manufacturers only record each note for 2 or 3 seconds. 

Whilst sampling generally works well, it results in a limited range of expression, similar to when animation is composed of still images.   

Roland engineers wanted to improve on this technology, they wanted the sound to be authentic both in its quality, behaviour, and range of expression. 

At the heart of the LX700 series is the incredible Pure Acoustic Modelling engine.  

Included are two completely different world class piano models built in to the LX700 series. 

Here are examples of the 2 contrasting piano models:

Simulating the complexities of an acoustic piano

There are a multitude of physical interactions that occur on an acoustic piano such as keys being pressed, hammers striking strings, strings resonating, the cabinet resonating, what notes you play and where, even how much pedal you are using. All these interactions in an acoustic piano combine to communicate exactly what the piano is doing to the player. 

The Pure acoustic modelling engine uses two powerful Behavioural modelling Chips to achieve a similar deep level of communication between the piano and the player. 

These processors recreate the process of acoustic piano sound generation in the digital domain in real time. The modelling engine reacts instantly to what and how you play. Whilst you can hear the superb sound straight away, the more you play it, the more you listen to it, it becomes clear just how immersive and true to life the behaviour of the sound is.  

Grand piano lid position sound demonstration

Here some examples and explanations  of the incredible detail and control you can have over the piano sound in yourLX700 series piano. 

Sympathetic resonance demonstration

Pure acoustic modelling single note voicing demonstration

Key touch and hammer response with pure acoustic modelling

Custom European Piano Setup Files

Register here for 2 free Custom European piano model setup files. One has been crafted specifically for use with a quality set of headphones. The other is designed to be played through your LX-series sound system. These have been meticulously crafted using the powerful editing abilities of the Pure Acoustic Modelling engine and are a great addition to the built-in piano sounds.

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LX700 Series Setup Files Download

These have been meticulously crafted by Roland Piano Specialist Rudi Zarka using the powerful editing abilities of the Pure Acoustic Modelling engine and are a great addition to the built-in piano sounds.



Created by Roland V-Drums specialist Simon Ayton, these patches were designed using the internal factory sounds and many of the techniques covered in the TD-50 guide. Enjoy exploring the possibilities!