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The Bluetooth feature of the Roland TD-27 V-Drums allows cable-free connection between smartphones to the TD-27 module.

You can even the incoming Bluetooth audio stream together with your kit performance.

See how to record with the Bluetooth audio function here

Contributed by Simon Ayton for the Roland Australia Blog

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This WAV file recording can then be exported onto SD Card for further editing or layered up with a video for the best quality performance video.

Follow these simple steps to connect a Bluetooth device and record the performance.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth in the TD-27 Bluetooth function under SETUP-Bluetooth-ON
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your portable/streaming device and choose TD-27 AUDIO as the device
  3. Confirm the TD-27 reports as “CONNECTED” and the Bluetooth indicator lights on the module
  4. Start audio on the device and press the round [RECORD ‘O’] button on the module
  5. When done, press [PLAY/STOP] on the module
  6. Press the function button (EXPORT) to save the recording to SD Card to the ‘REC’ folder

TIP: “The TD-27 V-Drums Bluetooth feature allows transmission of MIDI performance note data too. “

Apps like GarageBand for iPhone can use this MIDI data to capture and trigger software at the same time as capturing the sound. Simply choose the TD-27 as both the MIDI and audio devices in the App.


Arguably the most important role of the drummer is keeping time.

“Use these TD-27 coaching functions as training tools to push you to improve your timekeeping skills.”

The TD-27 coaching functions are designed to help improve your internal rhythm by providing real-time feedback on how you are doing. 

Here are the modes and how they can help you make your technique shine.


Play along to the click monitoring your timing in real-time.

At the end of a user selected amount of bars, you are given a score. 

“TIME CHECK helps you get a better understanding of your playing tendencies.”

In the TD-27 COACH MENU screen, press the [F1] (TIME CHECK) button

TD-17 time check


“QUIET COUNT mode will help you develop a good sense of time and tempo. “

For the first few measures, the click is heard at the specified volume, but for the next few measures, the click is not heard. This cycle of several measures will continue until you stop it.

Mastering the quiet count mode involves finding a comfortable posture, aiming for a consistent stick height and hitting position and playing with a relaxed and repeatable groove.

In the TD-27 COACH MENU screen, press the [F2] (QUIET COUNT) button.

TD-17 Quiet Count


In WARM UPS mode you’ll successively practice steps 1–3, be graded on your performance at each step and then receive a final evaluation. 

You can choose one of three courses (5/10/15 minutes), ranging from easy to difficult. 

You can also adjust the tempo according to your level of skill.

In the COACH MENU screen (p. 11), press the [F3] (WARM UPS) button.

TD-17 Warm Up Setting

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